Hey, is your line sheet document ready yet? Your customer does not have to wait anymore!

Talking to the customer on the phone, and preparing the line sheet with right information take too long while closing down the sales. With Fx5, it is just a few mouse clicks away. Your customers will receive emails with attached line sheet documents while they are talking with your sales rep on the phone. We have a very quick and easy line sheet creation features.

Boost your sales with Fx5

you never have to stay overnight anymore after a trade show

Still have too many things to do after the trade show? Date input, adjustment, and etc. You do not have to stay overnight to take care of all the aftermath of trade shows. Fx5 has date input automation and update features to help you reduce the time for all late management tasks.

Save your time with Fx5


1000 invoices right now? Can you make it happen

It’s not easy to imagine how you would issue 1,000 invoices at the same time. Checking inventory, Item styles and creating invoice documents for 1,000 times sounds like impossible in a few days. You can do this task with only a few clicks of your mouse and selecting the items that should be packed. With Fx5, it’s only matter of minutes.

Take quick care of your invoices with Fx5


gave 50% discount without any approval?

Any sales discounts, Credit transactions, or transaction decisions with non-outstanding customers: who makes these kinds of decisions? Do you depend on your sales rep? Maybe you are risking too much on your sales transactions. Fx5 has sales screening features in these kinds of situations. It will let you know when the risk-taking transaction occurs right at the moment and make sure that it goes through proper approval confirmation.

Safeguard your transactions with Fx5

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