Cutting Requests, Sample & Fabric Management, and Order Changes, are handled with utmost care, with the best quality. It passed the strict standards. Our products are industry compliant. Our Inventory Practices are meticulously monitored so no bad inventory is left in our warehouses.
Know the cost of what you are selling

Do you know the cost of goods you are selling? Do you have the right margins? Fx5 has advanced BOM (Bill of Material) Cost Management system to help you set up the right selling price and margin.

Be accurate on your cash flow with Fx5

your fabric is collecting dust In the corner, would you let that happen to your cash?

Have you had any problems with your fabric inventory stocks? How do you manage their rolls and lots in your production and sales? Fx5 has specialized module for fabric inventory management. It helps you to better organize your fabric inventory by rolls and lots and helps prevent bad inventory occurrence by placing them in right production lines.

Stay on the right track of material management with Fx5
Right on your copyright

No more lawsuits with copyright hunters. Fx5 has copyright management system to help you keep track of your own design, patterns, and artworks from the beginning of the copyright registration.

Simple intellectual property ownership with Fx5
Time is of the essence, even in your cutting decision!

How would you decide to place your cutting orders? Isn’t it too risky to depend only on your experience? Or maybe isn’t it too late with your inventory consideration? With Fx5, you can always monitor your inventory-sales levels in real time. It gives you more logical and accurate baseline for your decision.

Always make the right decisions wit Fx5

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