We boast of our real-time Multi-Packing System and Item Location Manager. We have the state of the art packing, shipping and receiving methods.
I thought it was there!! Did we sell out? You never have to worry about your inventory again!

Have you ever wondered about your inventory? You are not quite sure if you saw your merchandise somewhere. You Might ask your warehouse employees to look for them so many times. But you always misplace your inventory and lose sales opportunities. Do not waste your time and chance any more. Fx5 has item-Location feature to help you find any merchandise, ready-to-ship packs, and inventory movements placed by sales, invoicing, transfer and returns. You can depend on Fx5 System Log feature to keep track of inventory changes made by anyone at any time.

Take Quick Care of your invoices with Fx5

Are you confident of your physical inventory?

Fx5 will give you better insight views of your inventory and transaction settlements tracking down who, when, and how these happened in your business by recording all activities in real time.

Keep right asset movement records with Fx5

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